Vehicle Tracking

Cellstop Nigeria

Cellstop is a privately-owned wireless telematics company offering the range of Cellstop South Africa’s Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management solutions in Nigeria, utilizing the GSM/GPRS and GPS networks.

Cellstop SA has been in business of Vehicle Security and Tracking Development for the past 8 years. With products running in 9 different countries, Cellstop Nigeria is one of the 10th Country to distribute Cellstop’s 7th generation product. All developing and technology of all products are being done in South Africa.

Cellstop exclusively license its technology to local partners in each territory it operates in. Cellstop SA has developed the MK5 an SVR (“Stolen Vehicle Recovery”) system as the entry platform with an upgrade path of the Cellstop MK4 Automotive providing a higher end solution focusing on top end fleet management.


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