Smart Power

Renewable Energy- SMART POWER

We have set up a renewable Energy division – SMART POWER and executed exclusive Distribution agreement with Rural Spark India. We are deploying series of smart energy kits to address the supply gap in off grid energy market.

This product will redefine the landscape of energy distribution and help to solve the problem of lack of power for small and retail users using the pay as you go model. This will help to improve the lives of the common man and promote economic activities for small scale entrepreneurs.

Modular electrification solutions designed to share energy

Modular high quality solar solutions to provide energy from homes up to entire villages
With the Rural Spark Pay-Go Router and cubes at its core customisable configurations are available

  • Custom, flexible configurations to increase capacity and applications any time;
  • Energy sharing, connecting villagers by linking supply & demand;
  • Step by step growing of a reliable plug & play smart mini grid.
  • Secure proper loan payback with smart pre-paid token system;
  • Online Rural Spark Service Platform to monitor payments;
  • Easy SMS interface for registrations & payments.
  • Village level entrepreneurship, earning income by providing energy to fellow villagers;
  • Kit is perceived as a income generator, not a cost.
  • Increased financial position in village results in more business opportunity for dealers
  • Village level entrepreneur earning income;
  • Users in increase capacity over time and buy additional applications, or become shop-owners for additional (energy) products;
  • Users inspire other villagers to become a Village Level Entrepreneur over time.
  • High quality, build to last for over 5 years;
  • 2 Year replacement warranty;
  • Durable components, cleverly designed and made in India;
  • Custom designed, state of the art smart charging and power management technology.